Friday, 5 February 2010

Reenactment of the Battle of the Thames

Go here to an excellent Library page to watch a video of this battle from Tecumseh's War. There's some good useful stuff here including this description of the death of Tecumseh - and more links on the Thames here

The most serious loss we sustained on this occasion was that of the noble and unfortunate Tecumseh. Only a few minutes before the clang of the American bugles was heard ringing through the forest, and inspiriting to action, the haughty Chieftain had passed along our line, pleased with the manner in which his left was supported, and seemingly sanguine of success. He was dressed in his usual deer skin dress, which admirably displayed his light yet sinewy figure, and in his handkerchief, rolled as a turban over his brow, was placed a handsome white ostrich feather, ... He pressed the hand of each officer as he passed, made some remark in Shawnee, appropriate to the occasion, which was sufficiently understood by the expressive signs accompanying them, and then passed away forever from our view.


  1. Ahh,this is nice.Thank you.:-)


  2. I like the "trade sunglasses" worn by the one native. ~Gary