Friday, 27 February 2015

French and Indian war figures

Author Name Windrow, M. & Embleton, G. Title MILITARY DRESS OF NORTH AMERICA ...


Female Soldier;
Or, The Surprising
Born in the City of Worcester,
Who took upon herself the Name of James Gray; and, being deserted by her Husband, put on Mens Apparel, and travelled to Coventry in quest of him, where she enlisted in Col. Guise’s Regiment of Foot, and marched with that Regiment to Carlisle, in the Time of the Rebellion in Scotland; shewing what happened to her in that City, and her Desertion from that Regiment.
A Full and True Account of her enlisting afterwards into Fraser’s Regiment of Marines, then at Portsmouth; and her being draughted out of that Regiment, and sent on board the Swallow Sloop of War, one of Admiral Boscawen’s Squadron, then bound for the East-Indies. With the many Vicissitudes of Fortune she met with during that Expedition, particularly at the Siege of Pondicherry, where she received Twelve Wounds. Likewise, the surprising Accident by which she came to hear of the Death of her faithless Husband, who she went in quest of.
With an Account of what happened to her in the Voyage to England, in the Eltham Man of War. The whole containing the most surprizing Incidents that have happened in any preceeding Age; wherein is laid open all her Adventures, in Mens Cloaths, for near five Years, without her Sex being ever discovered.
Printed for, and Sold by R. Walker, the Corner of Elliot’s-Court,
in the Little Old-Bailey. 1750. Price One Shilling.
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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lord Townshend's Instructions for the Light Infantry in Ireland, 1772

Esprit de Corps Living History Group

This is a multiperiod group that specialises in different eras - the ones that concern this blog are an excellent Light Infantry project for the F&I and Revwar. Check them out

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Battle on Snowshoes 2015

Gallery of last weekend's event here

A pair of Redcoat paintings from the National Army Museum

Lady Johnstone, Wife of the Governor of Menorca, Accompanied by Officers of the 25th Regiment of Foot and the Royal Navy, and a Naval Seaman
Lady Louisa Lennox with Her Husband’s Regiment, 25th Regiment of Foot (with Lord George Lennox beside her, and Fort St Philip, Port Mahon, in the background)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Baron Von Steuben

As today is the anniversary of Steuben's arrival at Valley Forge here's a clip which shows his influence.