Friday, 22 March 2019

Wolfe's Army May/Embleton 1974

This was the first book I had on the American theatre of the Seven Years War. A real eye opener. Revised in the late 90ss but this edition has sentimental connections to my youth.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Armies in Plastic - French and Indian Wars - an appreciation

Have you ever made a pact with yourself - 'if anyone produces X in Y scale I am buying them'? I was like that for plastic 1/32 French and Indian war. I would have bought them anyway as I supported the concept. But are they any good?
There is basically four sets. Rogers Rangers and two sets of Northeastern Woodland Indians. These are based on John Jenkins designs' originals. There is also French regulars. These are not so good but acceptable and they kind of look the part. French were adapted and developed from original figures produced by Frontline Figures.

   Of these 4 sets the Woodland Indians are the most useful. 18 Action Figures - 6 poses in each set. Can equally be used with American Revolution, Pontiac, or frontier settler type scenarios.  Well sculpted in believable poses they seem historically accurate from what I know and what more could one ask for? No bow armed warriors sadly but other than that top marks. Obviously these could be used on either side as loyal Mohawk or perfidious Hurons. 
   The Rangers are the last ones I bought and very good they are too. I don't know much about Rangers but they look good - not Northwest Passage Rangers but proper ones with scots bonnets. 

Friday, 15 March 2019

Thursday, 14 March 2019

HaT Prussians as Hessians

In 1/32 scale the most popular 18th century period is the American Revolution. So naturally Seven years war figures get co-opted to become Hessians. They do the job very well. These are from the collection of Scott Lesch.

CTS Blockhouse

Looking around for useful bits and I discovered this - about 5 years too late. Seems to have been discontinued. CTS webpage. Still do the Mohawks though.
CLASSIC TOY SOLDIERS French-Indian War CTS116A Mohawk Indians 12 brown plastic toy soldiers in 10 poses (1:32 scale).

American frontier militia reviewed

Over on Stad's Stuff is the new 1812 militia figures

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Recruits wanted for Queen Anne's War group

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Queen Anne's War (1702–1713) was the second in a series of French and Indian Wars fought in England's Thirteen American Colonies; in Europe, it is viewed as the North American theater of the War of the Spanish Succession.