Sunday, 19 July 2009

War of 1812 First Invasion pt 1

History Channel doc - other parts are up.
One of the aims of this blog is to popularise the War of 1812 among reenactors and wargamers as we approach the bicentennial. For some reason Hollywood has pretty much ignored thi war apart from a few depictions of the Battle of New Orleans and therefore the profile of this war is low. My interest is in the frontier warfare and Indian fighting that went on and this is a terribly overlooked aspect compared to say the naval actions. Tecumseh is a name in the conciousness but on the whole the image of the War of 1812 is British and American regulars fighting it out in silly hats. Hopefully we can draw attention to those elements that make it the final chapter in a series of wars that took place in North America.

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