Monday, 24 August 2009

Battle of Oriskany 6 August 1777

This battle - part of a side campaign known as 'the St. Leger campaign' away from the Saratoga expedition is an interesting event in that it had Iroquois fighting on both sides something that was against the fundamentals of the confederacy. I partly like it as it's also the battle that's fought 'off-stage' in the film Drums Along the Mohawk - you see the aftermath though not the action itself. This image is by Don Troiani (print available here). If you enlarge it you may notice the incident depicts Two Kettles Together loading a musket for her wounded husband Honyere Tehawenkarogwen 'he who takes up the snowshoe'. More information on this from an Oneida perspective here in Oneida Hanyery vs. Joseph Brant.
St. Leger biography. More on the battle here

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