Thursday 20 August 2009

The Jersey Blues

Back in the 90s we in the UK had a reenactment unit based on this legendary regiment - and I must admit up til then hadn't heard of them but I think they are an interesting formation and also I think should be revived. They are mainly famous for being ambushed at Lake George at Sabbath Day Point in 1757 while in bateaux - the Indians practically wiping them out with reports they were spearing them like fish in the water.

According to this excellent article on the history of the regiment they were called Blues from the 1740s before they had a blue uniform in 1760 and it may have been something to do with the Blue Mountains.
They were a smart and practically attired unit with a simple cartridge box described in Redcoats Yankees and their Allies as a straight wooden block with two rows of holes, one 12 one 11 - with a 2 1/4'' linen strap attached.
They were immortalised in song
Should foul misrule and party rage
With law and liberty engage,
Push home your steel, you'll soon review
Your native plains, brave Jersey Blue.
Further study - print by Company of Military Historians
Origin and Sketch of the"Jersey Blues"
Originally published in the "Proceedings of the Historical Society of New Jersey"By WILLIAM H. BENEDICT, New Brunswick, N. J.

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  1. It is a good article but the URL is strange... same URL for the main page and for the lengthy article so when you get to the page, click on NJFG2A02 in the table to get to the article...


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