Friday, 21 August 2009

Lake George French and Indian war tactical - keeping it real

Can you imagine reenacting the French and Indian war in the historic backdrop where it took place, away from the public in a 'wargame' situation - scouting, ambushing and so on for a good few days? Well that's what the Lake George tactical is all about. From the perspective of someone from Europe it's an invaluable insight into the scale and the geographical elements. I was lucky enough to attend this week-long event in 1999 thanks to Dubois - I went along in full French uniform including a wig and how impractical was that? Pretty soon I was dressing down - partly because all those layers of wool would probably propel me to the bottom of the Lake if we capsized. Read about the tactical here.
Mostly you canoe in with your equipment and in general you don't know who's going to be there and where they might be. When I went over we captured the British flag (I'm in the white gaiters with pipe) which was pretty fun. I'd love to take a party over from Europe - just the experience of living on jerky and lake water waiting for a possible Ranger ambush is amazing. It's usually in October so flights aren't expensive and there's nothing to spend money on once you're on the the expansive Lake and its environs. Highlights for me were the night scouts when we canoed around the myriad islands under the northern lights and the various treks when we outscouted the Brits - well some of the time. The weather's pretty mild in comparison to the UK at this time and it is certain you'll never be quite the same again. Read the journals and so on at the webpage above and maybe make a date for next year?


  1. The region is so beautiful. Must be really fun... Canoeing there is fun too...

  2. I am the French commander of this event. I have attend for the last 6 years. It is the most amazing place to re-enact for that kind of event.


  3. Pleased to meet you monsieur. If you have any photos or impressions of the Lake to add I'd be happy to feature them as I think it's a unique event.
    Vive Le Roy

  4. Dear Sir,
    Back in the Eighties I did a solo tour and camped solo at Fort.Ticonderoga, Crown Point ,near Rogers Rock and at Hubbardton. While at Crown Point I went to sleep by my campfire listening to a tape of Black Watch bagpipes as the October moon shone on the lake. It was a superb moment!
    David Corbett

  5. This is an odd thing to discover. Maybe the date this blog was posted was Aug 9 2009, but the group picture is no such date. While I don't know the date, which was in October of the year, which I also don't know... anymore. It just so happens I am in the picture, kneeling 2nd from the right.

    The bloger who owns this blog may recall being given a small bit of Trade Silver. I would be the maker, and the giver of that item.

    I know several others in the picture, and one I am sorry to say has gone to the happy hunting ground. I recall several other new faces to me then, as the Missouri Boys, whom I have not seen since, but would like to.

    If this is true: "Louis said..."
    "I am the French commander of this event." "I have attend for the last 6 years."

    Perhaps you will recall the 'Scout' who stole your bottle of wine! ;-D on another date perhaps 2001.

    As I recall, Capt Soule refused to allow you to run me thru with your sword. The good Capt needs his 'Scouts' like me..

    This is just too funny....

    Your most Obt & humble servant mac...

  6. Does this event still take place? Thank you!

    1. I think I can find out. I don't know the how to of blogging and when i did know i forgot :D

      Is there any way to contact you?