Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Siege of Louisbourg 1745

Siege of Louisbourg 1745 by David Rowlands

While in the company of Mssrs Shirley and Pepperell I thought it might be interesting to look at their moment of glory, the Siege of Louisbourg. (Plate 'Massachussets officers at the siege' from the Company of Military Historians).
Further Study
Something well worth reading is this excellent article on this siege - by B A Balcolm.
Also included here is this great collection of images of the fortress itself including the animators and interiors - a real slice of life circa 1744. Louisbourg must be the world's largest historical reconstruction project.


  1. Thanks for this video, it made me think about what it is we do in Living History and I was able to write an article that I hope makes sence when I read it tomorrow! Anyway I have posted it already along with this video clip at:
    Hopefully it may get other people thinking too.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. David Rowlands has painted a scene of L'bourg using 1750s uniforms, not 1745. Looks like he got it wrong. Looks good for F&I War though!