Thursday, 10 September 2009

Brave Wolfe/Bold Wolfe

This 18thc (I think) song that tells the tale of the battle of the Plains of Abraham is posted as a reminder that the 250th anniversary of his death is celebrated this weekend down at Quebec House Westerham Kent - his boyhood home. When I started the French and Indian war group in the UK a good few years ago now I tried to push this song as a camp fire singalong song - it didn't really work even though I carefully transcribed and printed out the lyrics. You can lead a horse to water... we did have some good camp fire sessions of song though - mostly standards like 'Drink old England dry' etc. Anyhoo you can join in now with this thanks to the internet and sing it round your digital fire instead. The words here are based on the Martin Carthy version which slightly differs from the one here but you get the idea.
Come all ye young men all let this delight you
Come all ye young men all let nothing fright you
Never let your courage fail when you're brought to trial
Nor let your fancy move at the first denial
This brave undaunted youth have crossed the ocean

To free America was his intention
He landed at Quebec with all his party
The city to attack being brave and hearty
Bold Wolfe drew up his men in a line so pretty

On the Plains of Abraham before the city
The French came marching down in hopes to meet them
With a double number round resolved to beat him
Montcalm and this brave youth together walked

Between two armies they like brothers talked
Till each one to his post then did retire
Twas then those numerous hosts commenced their fire
The drums did loudly beat and the colours flying

The purple dawn did stream and men lay dying
And shot from off his horse fell that brave hero
We'll long lament his loss in tears of sorrow
He lifted up his head when the guns did rattle

And to his army said, How goes the battle?
Quebec is all our own none can prevent it
Oh then, replies bold Wolfe, I die contented

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