Thursday, 10 September 2009

Cunne Shote

Another Cherokee from the same era who visited London is Cunne Shote, also known as Oconostota, painted by Francis Parsons (floruit 1763-died 1804) in 1762. Sometimes called Standing Turkey (his uncle) or Stalking Turkey.

Memoirs of Lt H Timberlake on Google books - the memoirs describe the months he spent living with the Cherokees then escorting a delegation to London to meet King George III. He provides details of daily life, including ceremonies, games, the role of women, the preparation of food, and the creation of weapons, baskets, and pottery. This edition pairs the original text with extensive footnotes and annotiations, a new introduction, index, and more than 100 illustrations, including artifacts, maps, period artwork, and contemporary artwork.

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