Tuesday, 1 September 2009

French Marines in North America

Image by F Back from here. Of course it's not so easy to ascertain what Compagnies franches de la Marine wore when they were at the end of the supply chain and on campaign in the wilderness. This reconstruction is one possibility. Standard equipment including the embossed belly-box (gargoussier) - a powder flask for priming as carried by all French troops at the time, backpack, camp equipment and a hatchet instead of the sword is in the waistbelt. Clothing is a Canadian style capot with breechclout and woollen leggings and a fatigue cap - people use different terminology for this - I call it a bonnet a la dragon (I dislike 'pokalem' as that's a Napoleonic pork pie hat but I digress). A knife at the knee was typical of Canadians who also carried them around their necks and at the waist. In the heat of summer Marines may have fought in shirtsleeves like their Canadian militia auxiliaries.

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  1. I too have heard they wore a knife on the leg, but assumed it must be tucked into the legging top or under the garter. As someone who has been woodsrunning for over 50 years this type of attachment shown does not look very practicle.
    Regards, Keith.
    PS. Thanks for adding the link to my blog, much appreciated.