Thursday, 24 September 2009


I thought I'd better post a link to this excellent forum where I usually lurk.
It's described thus:
Native List is a semi-private Yahoo! Group and email list for people involved in living history who portray 17th-early 19th Century Native Americans, mostly of the Eastern Woodlands' cultural groups during the 18th century. The primary focus of the list has traditionally been the Eastern portion of North America in the 18th Century. The scope also includes people who portray Indian Agents, Traders, or members of recreated military units that supported native operations, but not Indian Fighters. Discussion topics for the list center around the lifeways, outward appearance and re-creation of the material culture of Native Americans during this time period. Discussions are meant to improve the visible portrayal of natives of the time period within the context of Living History activities, so discussion of these activities is also considered on topic. While historically religion and politics were tied closely with native daily life, this list is neither a political action list nor a place to discuss religion.

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