Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ranger 'greens' from Galloping Major


We set out with our 28mm French & Indian War range to create the sort of range we'd have loved to be able to buy: well researched with attention to correct period detail and feel, no "generic muskets", and no "generic Indians". I sculpt our own figures, and as Ralphus mentioned, he and I share an early influence in the work of Ron Embleton. Here’s another of RE's wonderful illustrations from Look & Learn.
We’ll have our first three packs of Huron available in the next few weeks, to be followed by our first couple (at least) of packs of rangers. Our first two Ranger packs will be a pack of Rangers in caps, and one in Scots bonnets, enabling better control of the mix to represent the unit(s) you wish to recreate.
Any Francophones among us may be interested to take a look at the next issue of Vae Victis, which will carry an interview article on Galloping Major, and reviews of some of our figures. And if, like me, your French is more than a little rusty, it’s always worth a look; a really classy publication, which we’re pleased to be associated with. New pics of greens on our website: have been a bit restricted lately as we don’t want to pre-empt the VV article, but here are a couple of ranger greens to be going on with. Concept art for some of our first rangers is on the website.

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