Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Dade's Battle reenactment

I know that 1835 and the Seminole wars are out of the period of this blog but it is 'flintlock and tomahawk' and this is a well made film of an interesting reenactment that took place just a few days ago in Florida. Wiki on the battle. Battlefield society guidelines for Seminole reenactors.
Seminole wars foundation.


  1. Photo`s from the 1-1-11 reeenactment of Dade`s battle available at www.starznbarz.com

  2. photo`s from the 2012 Dades Battle here - http://www.starznbarz.com/History/DADES-BATTLE-REENACTMENT-2012/20988611_n7pN6z#!i=1668147225&k=TsSB4zz