Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bringing in the prisoner

Time for a picture from my box of old reenactment photos. This one is from the mid 90s and is an F&I event at Basing in the south of England. I'm the fellow in the cocked hat with the sauvages. We used to be quite big on theatrical devices to tell a story and we used to have big meetings before the battle where we would all chip in ideas for what was going to happen and if there was to be any hand-to-hand fighting who was going to fight who and what was going to happen. That's not to everyone's taste but we were a fresh group and were all new to each other and so we were keen to do something spectacular. We used to get some mad ideas crop up - one fellow was keen to have a fight between the leader of the Indians and the redcoat officer (stripped to the waist) with knives etc. in front of the two forces - he kept suggesting it - I guess he'd seen too many westerns. (But then who hasn't?)

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