Saturday, 13 February 2010

Frederick Kemmelmeyer (German, ca. 1755–1821)

Kemmelmeyer painted the American forces in the 1790s during the Whiskey Rebellion. This remains one of the key sources for the appearance of the American forces of this time.

Washington Reviewing the Western Army, at Fort Cumberland, Maryland, after 1795
Attributed to Frederick Kemmelmeyer (German, ca. 1755–1821)

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  1. I'm curious about the paintings above. The background topography in both paintins is not the topography of the area around Fort Cumberland. Ft. Cumberland was a small fort and the immediate surrounding area would not accomodate a large number of soldiers. The topography in these paintings looks like the WV mountains along Rt. 220 south of Cumberland about 9 miles near a little village called Pinto, MD. This area could accomodate a large encampment of troops with fresh water nearby in the Potomac river near the base of those mountains.