Thursday, 18 February 2010

'French and Indian Cruelty' - an F&I captivity tale

Peter Williamson or Indian Peter wiki
In short a man kidnapped in Scotland who eventually is captured by Indians, escapes and serves as a soldier in the SYW before coming back to Scotland. Read the book here or download it here - also here for more stuff

Exemplified in the
and various Vicissitudes of Fortune, of


A particular Account of the Manners, Customs, and Dress, of the SAVAGES; of their scalping, burning and other Barbarities, committed on the ENGLISH in NORTH AMERICA during his residence among them: Being at eight Years of Age, Stolen from his Parents and sent to PENNSYLVANIA, where he was sold as a SLAVE: Afterwards married and settled as Planter, 'till the Indians destoy'd his House and every Thing he had and carried him off as a Captive; from whom after several Months Captivity, he made his Escape, and serv'd as a Volunteer and Soldier in many Expeditions against them.

A SUMMARY of the Transactions of the several Provinces of PENNSYLVANIA, (including PHILADELPHIA), NEW YORK, NEW ENGLAND, NEW JERSEY, &c, &c. From the Commencement of the War in these parts; particularly, those relative to the intended Attack on CROWN POINT and NIAGARA.

And, an accurate and succinct detail, of the operations of the FRENCH and ENGLISH Forces at the Siege of OSWEGO, where the AUTHOR was wounded and taken Prisoner; and being afterwards sent to ENGLAND, was on his Arrival at Plymouth, discharg'd as incapable of FURTHER Services.

Written by HIMSELF, 1758.

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