Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hawkeye 1993-4

I suppose it is a testament to how popular the Last of the Mohicans film was that it not only spawned an animated cartoon it also created this series with Lee Horsley and Lynda Carter that was shot in British Columbia and centred around a frontier fort.
The casting of Lee Horsley as Natty Bumpo was odd though - he had none of the attributes that made Daniel Day-Lewis good for the role but instead was more your typical tv movie hero - sort of David Hasselhof in bucksins.
The intro uses stock footage from the Mann movie but the actual series was a lot less epic, though enjoyable if you are in the mood for some daytime tv type trash. I seem to remember recognising some of the props from the movie in the series - was there a garage sale of uniforms in Hollywood in the 90s? It always used to have this annoying whistle music that was popular in Native movies at the time (usually coupled with footage of an eagle wafting about) and a snivelling British officer who would always finish up with egg on his face. Great stuff...
Hawkeye tv series wiki

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