Sunday, 7 February 2010

Kentucky Militia War of 1812

Image from the K National Guard page on the War of 1812 with more images and a description there. According to the site:
Sixty-four percent of the Americans killed in the War of 1812 were Kentuckians.

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to popularise the War of 1812 in the run-up to the bicentennial - both for reenactors and wargamers. My perspective is partly from my interest in Woodland Indian reenacting so that influences my interest. No doubt what would give the period a real push in this country at least would be a unit of American troops to be put up against the Napoleonic redcoats and their Indian allies but what sort? My thoughts are drawn towards Kenucky Militia as these troops were, if you like, the Shawnee's nemesis in this campaign and are worth investigating. According to the wiki on Kentucky in the War of 1812
During the War of 1812 Kentucky supplied numerous troops and supplies to the war effort. Because Kentucky did not have to commit manpower to defending fortifications, most Kentucky troops campaigned actively against the enemy. This led to Kentucky seeing more battle casualties than all other states combined.[1]
River Raisin battlefield site on the Uniforms of the American troops.
Images of War of 1812 militia on my War of 1812 in th UK site

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