Saturday, 13 February 2010

Regiment de la Sarre

This German group who recreate the French and Indian war period have an interesting website. If you like the regiment but are in the Americas then this page is of the same regiment in Canada. And if that don't interest you then this page is of a la Sarre regiment in Australia.

The Régiment La Sarre is described here as:

Origin: Lorraine region
The 2nd Régiment La Sarre Battalion landed in Québec on June 3, 1756. It was involved in the capture of Fort Oswego in August of the same year, and escorted to Montreal the British soldiers taken prisoner in battle. In August 1757, several soldiers of this regiment participated in the Fort William-Henry face-off. The regiment then backed up Montcalm's army at the battle of Carillon in 1758. Finally, the Régiment La Sarre participated in the battles of Montmorency, the Plains of Abraham and Sainte-Foy34.

The Régiment La Sarre uniform consisted of a greyish-white justaucorps with blue turnback cuffs (three buttons). The jacket was red while the breeches, the same colour as the justaucorps, were worn with white or grey stockings and black metal buckle shoes. It had white gaiters that reached below the knee and were fastened with a black leather thong. The tricorn was made of black felt and trimmed with gold braid35.

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