Sunday, 28 February 2010

Revival Magazine

Another thing I used to do a lot in the late 90s was write pieces for living history magazines on the French and Indian group I was running. There were three glossy mags at that time - this one was the first and this piece was in the launch issue - it only ran to a couple. I'm not sure if this piece actually makes any sense - I think by this time I had written so many bits on the F&I scene I had lost the plot a little. My sister took the photos at Bath. You may wonder how many people you get from an article like this - well none of course but with other articles in other mags it created a surge effect that eventually wore people down to thinking maybe everyone is actually getting into the F&I ... good times.

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  1. Dear somerset,
    Beautiful layout! I cannot imagine reenacting being any better than what you displayed in this article. Congratulations!