Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Revolution (1985) trailer

British made film that flopped so badly - Americans found the locations unbelievable but I liked it.


  1. Dear Somerset,
    A flawed film with some incredible battle scenes and recreations. Annie Lennox ,(Eurthymics),yelling "There's fire in those muskets, boys!" Mel Gibson must have watched Pacino in this film to influence his also flawed film "The Patriot." Of the two, "Revolution," seems more authentic doesn't it?
    David Corbett

  2. I own a copy of this movie. The battle scene was ahead of it's time, with handheld cameras giving that "on the field" feel. Even so, the rest of it was less than stimulating and quite boring. I loved the overly foppish British officers (less for their accuracy and more for their entertainment value), but the women ordering men around in New York, the inexplicable percussion rifle, and bland attitude the film seemed to have toward itself ruined a good opportunity. Al Pacino is a fantastic actor, but was horribly miscast and seemed out of place the entire film.