Saturday, 13 March 2010

A couple of really good Seminole Wargames

Got these through the Mocassins wargames forum - they are photos of a lovely 15mm Seminole Wargames set up using mostly Freikorps 15 figures. Terrain looks the business.
One album is here and another here


  1. Ralph,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the game pics. I'm doing a F&I game early April using the same rules--Sharp Practice by Toofatlardies. The biggest problem I had with 2SW gaming was getting the terrain to look right. I hope to do some more games shortly. The other nice things about these rules is that they can be played solo. Sad but true, hard to get anyone to game this period around here.

    Mark Luther

  2. That Mocassins forum rocks, doesn't it? Oh wait, I WOULD say that, I am the group owner!

    Love the blog, I am using it for French and Indian War inspiration!