Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Crossing (2000)

I have not seen this movie starring Jeff Daniels as George Washington and covering the events that result in the battle of Trenton but this clip looks interesting.


  1. Dear Somerset,
    Good film overall and if I recall correctly, a bloody seen of killing Hessians! Marblehead Mariners are the heroes!
    Daniels does a superb job and I don't know if I like him or Kelsey Grammer ("Benedict Arnold " film ), better as Washington.

  2. What a horrible movie. I do not think the Americans just walked into Trenton's deserted (as seen in the clip) streets. Though Daniel's is a decent actor he is not Washington. What's with the huge Cap'n Crunch hat anyway? The Benedict Arnold film is worse than this. Sadly we'll never see the subject given the type of production it deserves. ~Gary