Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Used to bug me when I heard Yanks pronounce a gorget (rhymes with courgette) as a 'gorgez' as if it was a French word. No. Hausse-col is the French term. There is a gorgerin in French but that's something else. As far as I know.


  1. Dear Somerset,
    Dandy photo of you, what?
    RE" Gorget. If Americans rhymed it with courgette, we'd call it a gorgetini (zucchini-ha-ha!). Gorget comes from Middle French "gorge". Go figure. "Hausse-col," sounds German. As comedian Steve Martin states : "Those French have a word for everything."

  2. I did come across as a pompous Englishman there didn't I? Tomaytoes Tomahtoes - lets call the whole thing off!