Thursday, 16 September 2010

Northwest Passage (1940)

Here it is the full movie. At 22;01 you can see the redcoats and Rangers lined up - one of my favourite bits. Beware though - this movie treats Indians (friendly and hostile) as sub human idiots - something these days is unacceptable but back in 1940 was the norm.


  1. the only group you can portray as sub human idiots today are white American men. Ha Ha bring it !!!!we can take it!!

  2. what about us Brits? We get the bad-guy treatment quite a bit

  3. Thanks for this post Ralphus. I dislike the way Indians are refered to as some form of lower life in this movie, but as you say, this was the way of it in my childhood. Dispite this rudeness and some lack of authenticity, I think it is an enjoyable movie to watch.
    Thanks again.
    Regards. Le Loup.