Saturday 4 December 2010

Lord George Augustus Viscount Howe

Wiki here. Interesting biography of the pioneer of Light Infantry here. 55th foot F&I service here.
Lord Howe is certainly a man who made his mark with the 55th when he took over their colonelcy in 1757 and his death (see pic) before the attack on Ticonderoga was decisive in that as 2nd in command Howe was sadly missed. Previously he had made the 55th into a model light infantry unit:
'You would laugh to see the droll figure we all make,' wrote a Massachusetts officer to a Boston paper. 'Regulars as well as provincials have cut their coats so as scarcely to reach their waists . . . No officer or private is allowed to carry more than one blanket or women follow our camp to wash our linen. Lord Howe has already shown the example by going to the brook to wash his own.'

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