Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The British Military Presence in America, 1660-1720

Lists of units involved here
I found these lists useful

1710 Capture of Port Royal and Acadia
Saunderson’s 1st Marines (30th) (Irish) (red/yellow)
Hobby’s Massachusetts Militia regiment
Tailer’s Massachusetts Militia regiment
Whiting’s Connecticut Militia regiment
Walton’s Rhode Island/New Hampshire Militia regiment

1711-12 Attempt on Quebec under Commodore Walker

Queen’s Royal Sea Service Foot (4th) (red/green)
Stanhope’s Sea Service Foot (11th) (red/yellow)
Livesays’ Sea Service Foot (12th) (red/white)
Handasyde’s Sea Service Foot (22nd) (red/buff)
Wetham’s Sea Service Foot (27th) (Irish) (red/buff)
Saunderson’s 1st Marines (30th) (red/yellow)
Donegal’s Marines (35th) (Irish) (red/orange)
Charlemont’s Sea Service Foot (36th) (Irish) (red/green)
Meredeth’s Sea Service Foot (37th) (Irish) (red/yellow)
One company each from:
Villier’s 2nd Marines (31st) (Irish) (red/yellow)
Borr’s 3rd Marines (32nd) (red/white)
Mordaunts’ Marines
Holt’s Marines
Shannon’s Marines
Vetch’s Massachusetts Militia
Walton’s Massachusetts Militia
1 Company, New Hampshire Militia

Image is of Gibbons regiment by G Embleton. Description and source here

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