Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The British Military Presence in America, 1660-1720

Lists of units involved here
I found these lists useful

1710 Capture of Port Royal and Acadia
Saunderson’s 1st Marines (30th) (Irish) (red/yellow)
Hobby’s Massachusetts Militia regiment
Tailer’s Massachusetts Militia regiment
Whiting’s Connecticut Militia regiment
Walton’s Rhode Island/New Hampshire Militia regiment

1711-12 Attempt on Quebec under Commodore Walker

Queen’s Royal Sea Service Foot (4th) (red/green)
Stanhope’s Sea Service Foot (11th) (red/yellow)
Livesays’ Sea Service Foot (12th) (red/white)
Handasyde’s Sea Service Foot (22nd) (red/buff)
Wetham’s Sea Service Foot (27th) (Irish) (red/buff)
Saunderson’s 1st Marines (30th) (red/yellow)
Donegal’s Marines (35th) (Irish) (red/orange)
Charlemont’s Sea Service Foot (36th) (Irish) (red/green)
Meredeth’s Sea Service Foot (37th) (Irish) (red/yellow)
One company each from:
Villier’s 2nd Marines (31st) (Irish) (red/yellow)
Borr’s 3rd Marines (32nd) (red/white)
Mordaunts’ Marines
Holt’s Marines
Shannon’s Marines
Vetch’s Massachusetts Militia
Walton’s Massachusetts Militia
1 Company, New Hampshire Militia

Image is of Gibbons regiment by G Embleton. Description and source here

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  1. Hi Ralph - I have been questioning this a bit. I've no record of the 35th Regiment being in this campaign and Lord Donegal was dead by this time, the regiment would've been called Richard Gorges' Regiment. In 1711 the regiment was in Ireland, having been released from captivity in France in 1709.