Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New French and Indian war movie?

Apparently Brendan Fraser is set to shoot a new epic in the summer in Toronto. Called Four Kings the press release says
The historical drama Four Kings, about the Seven Years War during the 1700s, will shoot this summer in Toronto with Fraser playing Colonel Francis Nicholson, the Englishman who finances the war in order to create a utopian society in Canada.

I am a little confused by this widely reported press release. Francis Nicholson is someone earlier than the SYW and presumably the Four Kings of the title is a reference to the four Mohawk sachems who came to London in the 1700s... see here and here
Queen Anne's war wiki


  1. Very interesting, I'll keep my eyes out for this1

  2. Dear Somerset,
    I appreciate your energy and mega-postings. Take a breath, it's difficult to keep up with you! Bravo!

  3. Apparently this movie will be shot later this summer. Brendin Fraser in the starring role.