Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lauzun's Legion recruiting poster

This would be more interesting if I could speak French.


  1. I translated the first few lines for you for fun:
    We, subdelegates of the Intendance of the county of Bourgogne, declare that young people who will want to profit of the advantages of the service of the sea, can adress us personally, & in our absence to Sir [can't read the signature] in our hotel, on [can't read name] street.
    They can aslo address themselves to [?] living on [?].
    We will accept everyone of goodwill, proper for service, may they be provincial soldiers or not.
    We will receive those between the ages of 17 to 30 at most, and will not put emphasis on their height as much as their constitution.
    We will enroll them [Note : I presume this is what they mean] and will send them off to their homes, until coming orders.
    East volonteer will be retained in the Marine, only for the time he was engaged, his majesty wanting that upon expiration of this time, his absolute dismissal will be conceded and he will not be retained, unless the advantages he enjoyed lead him to desire to stay.

  2. thanks very much - interesting