Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Model Company

This is a really interesting project for the Revwar period. They certainly look like a convincing portrayal. Recruiting from across the eastern seabord of the US and meeting a couple of times a year they say on their Facebook page: The Model Company exists to develop the skills and historical knowledge of living historians. The goal is to get a modern group of disparate, but like minded reenactors to truly act like a company of infantry from the Revolutionary War.
They have a blog too - see it here
Thanks to Steve Stanley for finding this. See the group on October 8-9 this year (2011) at Williamsburg. I am really pleased to see this quality impression - they are mainly focussed on at the moment the elite continental corps of light infantry fighting in the south (see pic) - on their blog there's a great piece on these light infantry caps and how they're made. Top notch

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