Sunday, 18 September 2011

British take Quebec city

On this day in 1759. The image is one I found on the web - looks like Angus McBride is the artist.


  1. Nice pic, I've not seen that one before.

  2. Looks like this might be the battle of Signal Hill in Newfoundland in 1762 rather than Quebec. The presence of what looks like a Massachusetts provincial light infantry man (none at Quebec) plus what could be highlanders from the 78th (buff facings, at Quebec in '59) and possibly the 77th (green facings, not at Quebec) is reminiscent of the composite force that William Amherst had with him.

    The highlander in the foreground tackling the French grenadier who has black facings, red waistcoat and breeches. This does not fit with any of the units present at the Plains of Abraham but is consistent with the composition of the French force which was again formed of picquets & detachments including a number of grenadiers.

    There is a plate illustrating the Signal Hil fight in either the Osprey Elite Highlander or the SYW British LI volume.

    Amherst's journal is online at:

  3. Forgot to add that I agree that the artist is almost certainly Angus McBride, the style is quite distinctuve.