Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Deerfield 1704 graphic novels

Here. My Italian is non existent so I am not that certain what's going on but it looks like a series of graphic novels on Deerfield and various other frontier adventures. Check them out and if you find out more then let me know! My Google translator says this (incidentally the Fort William Henry mentioned is a different one than the SYW one.


At Lucca Comics and Games 2011 Deerfield returns to 1704, with two new publications: PATH OF WAR and ATTACK AT FORT WILLIAM HENRY.
The relentless struggle between opposing forces along the frontier of New England, in a story full of twists and battles.
The Rangers of Colonel Church attacked the villages of the French settlers in Acadia to avenge the massacre of Deerfield. The Huron Wendat people chasing Agawam, Nashak and Mary Stuart. A new character enters the scene: Souhegan, a beautiful raven-haired girl Abenaki ...

A vile deception by an English officer and the killing of the Sachem of the Eastern Abenaki tribes, provoked the attack of the French Navy at Fort William Henry and the Abenaki Indians to the English village of Pemaquid ... A true story in 1696, with a screenplay by Charles Bazan drawings and Lele Vianello.
In November 2010 has revived the adventure with the first issue of the new series of Deerfield in 1704, WAR OF FRONTIER.
The epic of the frontier, the French and Indian wars in the 700, the battles between the English and French, the Huron and Abenaki Indians of assaults on the outposts of the settlers, protected by the Colonial Militia. A fascinating story of war, massacres, love and revenge, with the lyrics and screenplay by Charles Bazan, watercolors and the comic pages of Lele Vianello, who worked for so many years of Hugo Pratt, awaits you in November in Lucca Comics booth space Corto Maltese, and in the best comics.
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