Monday, 5 March 2012

BBC's Last of the Mohicans from 1971

Thanks to Steve Stanley for reminding me about this. The actor who played Magua, Philip Madoc, in this version, has just passed away so I post this in tribute. It was another impetus for a young me to get into the period and he was particularly chilling in it. This was filmed in the highlands of Scotland and is available on DVD


  1. Didn't know about Philip Madoc - he was the first screen villain I remember! I can still whistle the thmes tune even though I haven't seen the show for forty years!

  2. Historian Stephen Brumwell acknowledges the BBC adaption in his book "Redcoats: The British Soldier and War in the Americas, 1755-1763" as one of the influences that lead to his interest in the French & Indian War. A product of the days when BBC TV could be depended upon to provide a good solid version of a classic work on at Sundat teatime.

    I recently watched it agin on DVD for the first time since I saw it aired. I was surpised as at how well it held up after all these years. To be sure some aspects of the costuming jar a little, the uniforms for example look more like something from a Howard Pyle picture but overall my impression second time round is favourable. Philip Madoc as Magua gave an excellent brooding performance that was not bettered until Wes Studi in the Michael Mann version of 'Mohicans. If Madoc's performance was not enough there was also John Abineri as Chingachgook who was far superior to Lon Chaney's 1950s interpretation. All in all a classic serial in every way.