Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Revolution Director's Cut

My DVD of this came today and I have to say I like this remaking of it - (the film now has narration is the main difference). It is very 1980s - with many faces of the time like Annie Lennox and Richard O'Brien, it's even a bit Punk Rock in its iconoclasm but as long as you know it's not Hollywood - its even anti-Hollywood in its realistic treatment (lots of mud and rain) and just enjoy it as a British made take on the American Revolution I think you might enjoy it. Review here
Telegraph reviews it here


  1. Hi Ralph,

    how much longer is this directors cut? I got the one of the last Mohican, only available in the USA and this were 14 minutes. But 12 1/2 spent on the battle around Fort Edward:-))


  2. this one is actually shorter - some bits like the happy ending are cut out but there are some good extras and includes a blu-ray disc

  3. Dear Somerset,

    I enjoyed the battle scenes in this film even more that "Barry Lyndon!"