Friday, 1 February 2013

1758 Massachusetts Provincial Model Company

This looks like a great project from Fort Ticonderoga - read about it here
The Model Company exists to develop the skills and historical knowledge of living historians. Participants are drawn from a variety of units and from all across the Eastern seaboard. We welcome those that have an interest in the highest level of historical accuracy, both in dress and actions, and we are strict about the discipline maintained in accordance with historical research. The goal is to get a modern group of disparate, but like-minded re-enactors to truly act like a company of infantry from the Revolutionary War, French and Indian War, and other associated periods.
Interesting page on the coat

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  1. Calling themselves the "Model" company might just be a little too hard core, as defined here:

    T.H. Gray, Director-Curator
    American Hysterical Society