Saturday, 16 February 2013

Battle of Monmouth by Mark Maritato

Thanks to Thomsomfeld for this image. More of Mark's work here
He says
Here is a sneak preview of just one of the 7 paintings I have done for the new Monmouth Battlefield Visitor's Center - This painting focuses on the 42nd Foot (Royal Highland Regiment) Fighting against Cilley's Picked men. This scene depicted here is the final Charge of Cilley's men after they had chased the Highlanders out of the Suftin Orchard and down the slope of the hill. The Highlanders made a final stand in the swampy ground near Spotswood Middle Branch Creek. The fight ended with the Highlanders finally breaking off and retreating across the creek. The Soldiers of the 42nd Foot shown in the painting are from the light infantry company so they are shown with no shoulder adornments. I want to give special thanks to Historians Paul Pace who provided me with detailed research on the dress and appearance of the 42nd Foot in 1778 and Garry Wheeler Stone for providing me with crucial information on the appearance of the terrain at the time of the Battle. I will reveal more of these paintings as we get closer to the date of the opening of the New Visitor's center in the summer of 2013!

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  1. Nark's comments are just slightly off. The Highlanders shown are from a line company. The light infantry had wings on their coats, red waistcoats and may have worn helmets or slouch hats by this time. The Lt. Inf. Co. was also employed in another part of the field. Paul Pace