Friday, 14 June 2013

French and Indian war novels

 French and Indian war novels - anyone read any of them?

'The French and Indian War-the collision between Britain, its provincial troops and Indian allies against France and its own allies during the eighteenth century in America is fascinating to many students of the period. It gave rise to famous characters such as Robert Rogers of the Rangers who have found their way into literature and the cinema. Of course, the famous Hawkeye and the novel 'The Last of the Mohicans' which takes place within real historical events of the time has also become an American classic. Author Joseph Altsheler has taken this well loved subject for a series of novels of high adventure. In these six novels the chronology of the war, which of course includes many of its true life characters, is told through the adventures of its principal characters. Young Robert Lennox, the hunter Willet-also known as the Great Bear and his Indian companion Tayoga travel through intrigues, dangers, battles and many trials and setbacks as the story unfolds. Leonaur has brought the entire collection together in substantial three volumes. In this first volume are 'The Hunters of the Hills' & 'The Shadow of the North.''


  1. Dear Somerset,
    My favorite reading as a callow youth! I think I read them to the point of disintegration! Simplistic of course but they captured the spirit of the period. I also enjoyed the other series including the Civil War. As always thanks for your indefatigable posting efforts.

  2. I spotted these on Amazon UK but at £13 for a paperback didnt feel it was worth a punt, if I didnt enjoy the writers style.