Monday, 29 July 2013

New armed settlers from Galloping Major

Hi Ralph, Here are the sculpts of the last 3 figures out of 6 for the Settlers Defending Command & Characters pack: first a dashing young fellow hastily armed with sword and pistol; then the Preacher/Parson - the original rough concept sketch I made showed him with pince-nez specs, but while sculpting the face, I decided the figure really didn't need them as he worked very well without them for the sort of character I wanted, so I left them off; the last figure I think of as my Innkeeper, but wearing his tradesman's apron with the 'bib' buttoned to his waistcoat in classic 18th century style, he could easily be a merchant or craftsman of any sort. There have been lots of comments expecting to use these characters for all sorts of other eighteenth century scenarios. The pack will be available soon. More pictures on the Studio page of the website.

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