Friday, 16 August 2013

Battle of Camden - the Patriot

Believe it or not I dont think I have featured this movie before as it is pretty terrible but this battle scene is pretty good and worth watching. It's one of the best reconstructions of linear warfare I have seen but that's just my opinion.

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  1. I like this site, and (all) history.
    (And film to)
    what the older, all the better is the story of history.

    When I was a rookie (1969)in the army, spoke to the captain of cowardice before the line enemy was punished by death.
    He explained it to mean just standing in line.
    If you bent over, dodged, or went down to the edge, punished death.

    How many of us in today's time the soldiers would be able to stand in that line.
    Wait soft 16 to 18 mm of lead bullets in the body.