Thursday, 8 August 2013

Devil's Hole massacre

I have been trying to find out more about this battle in 1763 between Senecas and Gage's Regiment but only found this book - anyone know much on the subject? Wiki

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  1. Norm found this

    The Devil�s Hole Massacre

    September 14th, 1763, Three hundred and fifty British Soldiers, which composed a supply train, marched on their way from Fort Niagara to Fort Schlosser [located about two miles upriver of Niagara Falls], marched alas only to meet their death. On the large flat rock back of the Devil�s Hole buildings [restrooms], beside the little stream, these soldiers halted for dinner. While they were eating they were attacked by the Seneca Indians. The first fire produced great destruction of life. Those who were not thus killed were driven over alive over the awful precipice. After these men jumped the Indians drove the Horses, Wagons and baggage of the entire train over on top of them and only two survived to tell of the plan conceived and carried out by the Indians to massacre them at this particular spot, where a careless guard would be at the mercy of a hidden foe; a plan bold and skillful in formation, masterly in execution, was gained, as so many Indian attacks, by secret and deadly ambuscade.