Monday, 5 August 2013

New Fort William Henry Osprey

A new piece of artwork has been released by Osprey from Ian Castle's forthcoming Osprey on Fort William Henry.
Ian Castle (see photo) is well known as a reenactor and author over here in the UK and his years of reenacting the F&I war with NFOE will make this a cracking book when it comes out.
Illustrator: Graham Turner
PS - I heard from Ian with some more details - he says
The book will actually start with the 1755 campaign on the Lake George frontier and carry the story on up to the end of the fort's life after the siege of August 1757. The artwork plate you have is illustrating Dieskau's attack on Johnson's camp at the Battle of Lake George. The other artwork plates show incidents from the March 1757 siege, the August 1757 siege and, finally, a scene from the 'massacre'.

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