Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Soldier-Like Way

the Material Culture of the British Infantry 1751-1768,
the French & Indian War era,
by R. R. Gale

This book includes the complete series of Grenadier paintings by Swiss painter David Morier, published for the first time in full color
This book looks good - find out more and get it from here

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  1. I posted about this on a reenactment page and here are the recommendations...

    I have seen it. Excellent photographs of artifacts, and the colour reproductions of Morier's paintings are to be found nowhere else.
    It is very good lots of info with artefacts.....all the Mourier paintings ...an excellent reference point when attempting to recreate the period !!!!

    I must recommend it! Really excellent.

    I got it, highly recommended!

    Cannot recommend it highly enough. It is an outstanding piece of work and invaluable resource. Had it since its publication definitely a must for anyone studying 18th Century military.