Thursday, 6 March 2014

New 1812 battle painting from Don Troiani

 Here's what Don says on his FB page
Weeks before his stunning victory at the battle of New Orleans , General Andrew Jackson decided to attack the camp of the approaching British vanguard. On the night of Dec 23, 1814 Jackson lead a three pronged assault in the evening fog . Jackson allegedly exclaimed , "By the Eternal they shall not sleep on our soil." A vicious hand to hand night battle ensued in the open fields and woods , part of which involved a flanking attack by Coffee's Tennessee Militia which is depicted here. Although the American were repulsed , the attack made the British more cautious to advance , enabling Jackson time to complete his defensive line in preparation for the main British push against the city. Here we see the Tennesseans in hand to hand fighting with the British 85th Regiment of Foot. This is available now in a limited Giclee edition edition only (no paper edition on this one) , at

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