Monday, 10 March 2014

Spain in the American Revolutionary War

Wiki here.
As you can see I am still reading the Osprey The Spanish Army in North America 1700-93. It's an excellent tome written by one of my favourite Osprey authors Rene Chartrand. Illustrated by David Rickman.


  1. iirc it was General Gonzalez who led this campaign and he wrote a book about it called "I Alone". Its an excellent book and full of great first hand accounts. The Spanish use of irregulars and militia troops was highly enlightened compared to the British Command. The battle of Pensacola is a very exciting battle as well.


  3. Thanks to the reenactors and collectors of toys soldiers, every day people are closer to the history of their own country, cultural, military, and economic role of Spain was around what we know as the Americas included in the training the United States as a country, fundamental.
    There are numerous publications some can be found:
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