Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A pair of Redcoat paintings from the National Army Museum

Lady Johnstone, Wife of the Governor of Menorca, Accompanied by Officers of the 25th Regiment of Foot and the Royal Navy, and a Naval Seaman
Lady Louisa Lennox with Her Husband’s Regiment, 25th Regiment of Foot (with Lord George Lennox beside her, and Fort St Philip, Port Mahon, in the background)


  1. I featured the Lady Johnstone painting on my blog a good while back. John Mollo cited it as the inspiration for one of the British naval seamen he painted in his book "Uniforms of the American Revolution."

  2. Dear Somerset,
    Interesting to see a piper in Highland dress in the painting .

  3. The piper was the personal piper of Colonel Lennox. Not on the establishment of the 25th, as a piper, though he is dressed in reverse colors. Very likely a private soldier drawing extra pay from Lennox for his piping and excused duty with a Bess for certain periods.

  4. Also, the 25th has a "Highland Company" before Light Companies were authorized in 1771. Good chance he would have been doing duty with that company.