Sunday 28 June 2015

55th and Gage's scouting around Carillon

‪#‎TDiH‬ June 27th & 28th
The Army untill the 4th of July was daily reinforc'd by provincials, and employ'd that time (after being form'd into Brigades) in finishing the two Stockaded Forts, and in Exercising a new Method of fighting, forming, and marching, in the Woods.
-Captain Hugh Arnot, 80th Regt of Light Armed Infantry to Earl of Loudoun, 1 August 1758
See this in action during Fort Ticonderoga's Montcalm's Cross event during the Saturday morning musket demonstration at 11 am! Join us July 18-19 for the full experience!…/montcalm-s-cross-th…/detail

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  1. Oh dear you can see that bright red coat coming a mile away, even in the woods! Have a great time.


Lord Dunmore's War 250th

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