Saturday, 18 July 2015

From this weekend's Fort Ti reenactment

#MontcalmsCross Battle Reenactment begins...
"About four o'clock in the evening we heard a great burst of musketry fire and we perceived an hour later the remains of this unfortunate detachment pursued by the English. A few companies of grenadiers at once crossed the rapids at the Falls to lessen the pressure of the enemy's pursuit, and several of our people, favored by their fire, got across by swimming. We lost out one of our detachment, Sieur de Trepezec, dead the next day from his wounds. Wieur Bonneau, captain in Guyenne, La Rochelle, lieutenant in the same regiment; Bernard, lieutenant in La Reine, Jaubert, lieutenant in Bearn, and 150 soldiers or Canadians killed or prisoners. The enemy suffered a considerable loss there in the person of Milord Howe, who was killed. He was brigadier general and showed the greatest talents, although still in his youth. he had above all in the greatest degree those two qualities of heroes, activity and audacity. He it was who had projected the enterprise against Canada and he alone was capable of executing it. He was marching toward us when Sieur de Trepezec's detachment ran blindly into his column. At the first shots he ran up and was killed dead. His death stopped the advance. The disheartened English gave us twenty-four hours' delay, and this precious time was the saving of us and of the colony." Journal of Louis Antoine de Bouganville July 6, 1758

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