Tuesday 14 July 2015

General orders of 1757; issued by the Earl of Loudoun and Phineas Lyman in the campaign against the French

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This is a real treasure trove of a book -  here's an extract

GENERAL ORDERS OF 1757 By Phinehas Lyman Esq*"-' Maj""- Gen^^- and Colonel of the Troops Raised by ye Colony of Connecticut To act in Conjunction with His Majesty's Ragular Troops, Under the command of His Ex- celency y^ Earl of Loudoun, y^ Next Campaign. Order'd That the Two Companys Quartered By ye River Mount a Guard to consist of one Subaltern Two Sergeants 2 Corpo- rals I Drum""- & Forty Private men To Keep out ten Sentinels To be Relieved Every Two Hours. That the Two Companys Quartered at or near Hogaboom's Do ye Same. 
 GENERAL ORDERS OF I757 That Capt Putnam's Company Mount a Guard To Consist of one Searj^- one Corp^- & Twenty Men To Keep out Five Senterys to Be Relieved as Above. All y^ guards to Be Relieved at y^ Beat of the Troop at 9 o'Clock in y^ Morning. That y^ Drums all Beat ye Reveille at Half After Four oclock in y^ Morning & Every Company Turn out immediately & Parade on ye Places of Rendezvous where y^ officers are to Meet and Call them over & See that y^ Men are all clean & well Dress'd & to Note Every Defect, & that Every man Dress Neat & Clean when on Duty. That y^ Commanding officers of Each company See that their Men are Exer- cised from ten to twelve oClock A.M. and from Four to Six P: M:, that the Places of Parad are Kept clean and Neat. That the Drums Beat ye Tattoo at Seven oClock at Night & Every Company to turn out on ye Paraid. The officers to Meet eiri and call em over & as soon as Dismised Every man to Return to His Quarters & Not to Be Absent without Leave & to Keep still & Behave Orderly. That No officer or Souldier Goes out of Town without leave from y^ Com- manding officer. That y^ officers Take care to Be Punctual to the Exact time of Performing Every order, & to see That y^ Souldiers Do y^ Same, & By No Means To Get into a Loose way of Doing Duty. That a Return Be Made this Day of Each Company Arrived at Claverack. That for Every Breach of order y® Offender Be Confined & a Report thereof to Be Made By y^ officer of y^ Guard as Soon as Relieved. Given Under My Hand at Fondie's in Claverack y^ 2""^ Day of May 1757

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