Sunday, 20 September 2015

Battle of Paoli

 From the Wiki

A Dreadful scene of havock, depicting the British light infantry and light dragoons attacking the Continental Army encampment at Paoli on 20 September 1777. The picture was painted in London and was commissioned for a British Army officer who had participated in the battle, possibly a Lieutenant Martin Hunter of the 52nd Regiment of Foot, the only British officer wounded in the battle.
  • Left: Horsemen of the 16th Light Dragoons charge Continental infantry, while horsemen of the 1st and 2nd Continental Light Dragoons ride away firing their sidearms.
  • Center foreground: Captain William Wolfe of the 40th Regiment of Foot lies dead, while Lieutenant Hunter bandages his right hand.
  • Center background: Two Continental platoons fire on greenjackets, likely Ferguson's Riflemen. A supply wagon is captured, and a Continental line fires from the woods to cover the main column's retreat.
  • Right: British light infantry bayonet Continental soldiers by their camp huts.

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