Saturday, 2 January 2016

Fishguard 1797

“Col Tate is to have the chief command of the legion; the Admiral will give the necessary orders to the officer commanding the naval force, which will proceed up St George’s Channel, and the landing is to be effected, if possible, in or near Cardigan Bay… The expedition under the command of Col Tate has in view three principal objects: the first is, if possible, to raise an insurrection in the country; the second is to interrupt and embarrass the commerce of the enemy: and the third is to prepare and facilitate the way for a descent by distracting the attention of the English government. In all countries the poor are the class most prone to Insurrection, and this disposition Is to be forwarded by disturbing money and drink; by inveighing against the government as the cause of the public distress; by recommending and facilitating a rising to plunder the public stores and magazines, and the property of the rich, whose affluence Is the natural subject envy to the poor.” (Orders by General Hoche)
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